Midnight Talks #3


Hey Guys,

Welcome back to Midnight Talks! I’ve really enjoyed writing doing theses so I guess this is going to become a weekly thing! I hope you guys are as excited as I am. Anyway, let’s get into my weird, stupid, confusing thoughts that I have at night!

Oh, by the way, I kinda wanna talk a little about drug & alcohol abuse and my experience with it and just my opinion overall. But first, let’s talk about other things. Lets go!

Okay so tomorrow, I have to out to the shopping centre and get some revision books and art supplies. Also…tomorrow is the day that the new The Weeknd Merch is released worldwide!! I’m so excited!. This time tomorrow, I will hopefully be wearing an XO jumper (if you know, you know) I’ll let you guys know how I get on with my shopping centre trip, but as of right now, I don’t feel scared. I am so proud of myself because I remember writing a post saying how terrified of public places. It’s crazy how things change. Hopefully I have an anxiety free time! What’s something you love about shopping centres?

I really wanna get a job, but I’m not old enough yet, so I’m thinking of maybe walking dog? Or preferably, maybe volunteering on a farm…with pigs. That would be amazing. I f you don’t know I love pigs by now then what are you doing?

I don’t know, I’d just rather work with animals that with humans because most people make me feel uncomfortable and most animals make me happy. So imagine being happy everyday? That’s the dream

So I’ve been trying to be healthy and it’s failing miserably. I mean, I’m eating sweets right now like…could it get any worse. I don’t even know why. You know what lemme just stop. Okay, I wanna get a little bit healthier because you know what they say – “Healthiness is the first step to happiness”. If anyone had some tips I could use to stay on track then that would be awesome.

I just thought about this, but this really annoying thing always happens in my french class. So at the end of every lesson, my teacher gives out ‘the beret’ AKA: fancy French hat to the student who she thinks was working hard in the lesson and I NEVER win it. I must have won it maybe twice and she’s been my teacher for 4 years. The thing is that she would always make you think that it was you! She’d say stuff that only applied to you and then in your head you’d get all hyped up and excited, the smile is starting to form on your face and then she’d throw it to the person next to you! I swear, it’s ALWAYS the person next to me. It’s so irritating. One day I’m actually just gonna snatch it in the air because its my time to shine.

So, in the last midnight talks, I mentioned my art and photography and this week, I finally asked an art teacher at my school about my options. To be honest, she wasn’t much of a help, she kinda just told me everything that I already knew but I didn’t wanna be rude and ask more questions so I just left it. The thing with my school is that I honestly think they couldn’t care less about what we do after we finish. I mean I know it’s not there job but it would just be nice you know?

Okay so now I wanna get onto the topic of –

Drugs and Alcohol

Now first off, I’m just gonna be straight, I am not completely innocent when it comes to this topic. I’ve never been drunk so I think you know the alternative. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a drug addict, but I have succumb to the influence when I was going through a rough time. Btw, I’m not talking hard drugs. It is definitely NOT the answer. Sure, it helps for the couple of hours that it lasts, but after that? It just goes right back to how it was before. It’s not a proper solution. It’s not the answer that you should take. Instead of masking your problems, you should face them head on because hiding from them, escpeically using things such as drugs is not gonna help you in the long run. Things  aren’t always easy, but that’s what makes it interesting. Otherwise, life would be way too boring.

Okay so I don’t wanna get too much into this right now, but my main advice would just be don’t do drugs (wow, never heard that one before) but it truly is the answer. There’s really no point in to so why waste time and potentially your health by doing it?

I wanna tell you guys a few more songs in my playlist that have been on repeat –

  1. Zayn ft. Sia – Dusk till Dawn
  2. Cheap Trick – Voices
  3. Nav – Lonely
  4. French Montana ft. The Weeknd – Gifted
  5. Lana Del Ray ft. The Weeknd – Lust For Life
  6. BlackBear – Valley Girls
  7. Jeremih – Pass Dat
  8. Travis Scott ft. The Weeknd – Wonderful
  9. Travis Scott ft. Young Thug – Pick up the Phone
  10. Lana Del Ray – Summertime Sadness

I tried to cut down the amount of songs I listed so it wouldn’t be too long but these are some of my faves. Again, some of theses are kinda old but they are still awesome so you guys should definitely check them out!

Anyway guys, it’s that time of the evening where I feel you guys the random shit that I think about in bed. This section tends to have lot’s of conspiracy theories so be warned –

So everyday, I do these video journal kinda thing and every night I always get scared that somebody is going to sneak into my room and take them and sell them all over my school. That’s been a recurring theme for me and I can’t seem to get the idea of everyone seeing them out of my head because they are so personal and I do NOT want them finding out. Is there anything that just makes you scared when you think about it? Lemme know !

This next one is interesting. Everyone in a while, I’ll wonder what life would be life if I was born again. I would change things and not say certain things and revise harder for that test and then see how my life would have turn out that way. Is that just me? Every night I just picture being born and changing everything and seeing how things would have went.

Also, going back to my alien conspiracies, I watched a video on how big the universe is and honestly, there HAS to be some kind of alien life out there. I mean, it is honestly massive and we CAN’T be the only life form around. There’s no way. Think about it, there are hundreds of millions of galaxies and we are the only one supporting life? Come on, realistically there are millions of other species out there just waiting to be found. I hope we see one soon.

Anyway, I think this is gonna conclude this midnight talks, it’s been really over the place, I feel like my mind is elsewhere but I love writing at night, it feels like you get to know me better so that’s cool.

Also don’t forget to leave me some comments about things you would like me to talk about or things you want my opinion on. You could also email me at myawkwardblog@outlook.com

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and ill be back soon with another one!

See you at midnight!🌙


The Awkward Expert🌺♥

11 thoughts on “Midnight Talks #3

  1. Bayance says:

    WOOOOO! 😂😂😂 Omg shopping centers are baee! We have these squares full of stores next to each other and its just awesome. Awww. But make sure not to be rude to the fat pigs 😂😂 SAME OMG all my diets are failing 😂 Food is just bae, you know? Wowww 😂😂😂 I’d take it from the person beside me and be like NO! MINE! 😂😂😂 Speaking of art, AHEM WE’RE STILL WAITING FOR PICTURES OF UR ARTWORK 😂 Yessss girl preach! Don’t do drugs kids. And don’t smoke brownies please 😂 (btw I use too much laughing emojis so might as well use them as borders to separate my topic responses). I added New Rules to my playlist. And obviously the Vamps!! 😂 I used to make videos in 6th grade on my webcam, work my aƧƧ off editing them and then I’d be scared that my friends would somehow see them so I deleted everything! I sort of regret it because I want to cringe at those videos right now 😂 True! But you still have life in front of you so when you grow up, you might want to change it and here you are with the actual opportunity to. It’s scary!! I think I told u already (or was it my brother? I forgot) but imagine if we already lived this life and we got the chance to live it again but forget everything in the past. it’s so weird to think about!! 😂 Wowww you really want to meet an alien, don’t you? It’s really fascinating how there’s 7 billion people on this earth and we ALL look different (well except twins) but wow! Well that concludes ‘Long comments with Bayance’. Tune in for more 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ellie says:

    Aha! I get you! I also am a big sweet tooth and I just, can’t, RESIST sweet things! I know they are bad but they are tooooooo yummy! Chocolate cake is my fave! 🍰🍦🍧🍭🍩
    For a job idea, you could maybe make things like bath bombs or clay earrings and sell them at local markets? A friend and I are going to start that soon. Sometimes I also do a bit of face painting too!
    Ellie xx 💖🌸✨

    Liked by 1 person

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