Midnight Talks #2


Hey Guys,

Welcome back to Midnight Talks!

So I posted my first ‘Cheers to the Teenage Years’ yesterday so lemme know what you thought about that and if you haven’t seen it yet then you can check it out here.

Anyway, so in my last ‘Midnight Talks” I got a comment asking for my take on “Saying Yes” so I’m going to get into that a little bit later but for now… Let’s start my Midnight Talks! (AKA – Random things I think about that make absolutely no sense whatsoever.)

Guys, did you hear about Kylie Jenner supposedly being pregnant? Like WHAT? That really just came out of nowhere. I mean, I don’t know if it’s true or not but if it is, it wouldn’t be that bad right? I mean, I’ve seen a couple episodes of ‘Life of Kylie’ and she seems really down to earth. Some of you may not agree with me but I feel like she would be a great mother. It just might interfere with everything she’s got going on right now. Also she literally just stared dating Travis Scott like 5 minutes ago like…come on dude. Anyway, I wish both of them well!

Okay, so whenever people answer the question “what super power would you want?”, they always say something so cliche like “I want invisibility” or “I wanna fly”…nahh those are lame. You know what I really want? I want the ability to be able to PAUSE TIME. Let that sink in for a moment..really think. How awesome would that be? Think – you’re running late for school or work, you just pause time, take as long as you need and then get there on time. You’re about to get hit by a car, you pause time, hop out of the way and you’re safe. You could also do lots of illegal stuff like steal from shops, cheat on tests and all that shiz, but I probably shouldn’t encourage that should I? Yeah.. if you ever DO end up getting the ability to pause time, I was never here. I should probably leave a disclaimer – DON’T DO THIS – That should do it. Anyway, moving on!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I really want my end goal in life to be and I honestly don’t have a fucking clue. I mean I’ve narrowed it down to a couple things and I’ve always said that I would go with the flow, but sometimes the flow can take you to the wrong places and as it gets closer and closer to GCSE time, I get more and more nervous. And I know it’s normal to be nervous, but that doesn’t make it any less scary you know? I still don’t want to think about moving on to something new because I’m terrified of change. At night, I have a lot more time to think about things and then my mind wonders off and thinks about the worst case scenario and…its just annoying. I’m sure I’ll get used to it but for now I’m just gonna try my best to live with it.

I’ve been getting into my photography a bit more because before it was always kind of a hobby, but know I’m really considering becoming more open with my pictures so I decided to start creating a portfolio because I didn’t pick Art at school and you need t show colleges some time of thing that showcases your work, so if any of you have any tips or advice on themes I could do or ways I could improve it then please let me know you guys always have the best advice so it would be very much appreciated!

I’m currently listening to a playlist right now so I thought I might tell you guys a few songs that have been on repeat non stop for a couple weeks now.

  1. Gabbie Hanna – Out Loud        
  2. BlackBear – Rly Real    
  3. The Weeknd – Belong To The World   
  4. Harry Styles – Meet Me in the Hallway    
  5. Lorde – Perfect Places
  6. Nav ft. Metro Boomin – Perfect Timing
  7. BlackBear – Dirty Laundry     
  8. Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi – Father Stretch My Hands, Pt 1
  9. Zayn – BeFoUr
  10. The Weeknd – The Town
  11. Hailee Steinfeld – Most Girls
  12. BlackBear – Deadroses
  13. Nav ft. Metro Boomin – I Don’t Care
  14. Kehlani – CRZY
  15. The Weeknd ft. Drake – Live For
  16. Selena Gomez – Fetish
  17. SZA – The Weekend
  18. Travis Scott ft. Kid Cudi – Through The Late Night 
  19. Fetty Wap ft. Monty – Time
  20. The Weeknd – True Colors

Okay I actually wrote a lot more than I expected but I’m really loving all of these songs right now. A lot of them are really old (especially the weeknd ones but I’m an OG) but they are still amazing and I don’t really care. You should definitely check them out cause they are awesome.

Okay, now I’m going to get onto the main topic of this Midnight Talks, which is “Saying Yes.

Saying Yes.

So I have a lot of mixed feelings about saying yes. Most of the time, I’m a huge advocate of it, it spreads a lot of positivity and encourages people to do things they have been scared to do for a very long time. But like most things, it comes with a downside. Saying yes to everything could mean that you are doing something that you are not yet ready to do and if you are not ready, then its a no-no.

I feel like people should say yes to opportunities and stuff that would benefit and help them in the long run, but if it’s something that isn’t really going to help and could potentially make them feel worse, then what’s the point? Saying yes is about finally doing something you’ve wanted to do. If you have no attachment to the thing you are saying yes to, then I feel like it doesn’t mean as much and it just becomes a word. And it’s not just a word.

A simple ‘yes’ can make a massive difference so I feel like we shouldd all be 100% sure when saying yes to something, because of there is even a tiny bit if hesitation, it’s not going to be good. You’ll probably spend the whole time wondering what could have happened if and wanting to take back the past, which is a way that nobody should feel. Just make sue you are certain before going through with things because most of the time, it’s VERY hard to take it back .

Okay so now I’ going to get into our ending segment where I tell you guys a few trippy weird things I think about late at night. If I blow your mind then… you’re welcome!

Okay so, I have really bad deja vu at night, and the other day I had this conspiracy theory (I have a lot of these so get used to it). What if it wasn’t deja vu? What if I actually relived that part of my day. Like imagine in a parallel universe I was doing the exact same thing and then at like midnight, I switch between worlds and then come back to the one where I wake up the next day? That would explain why it ALWAYS seems to be happening at night and why I feel like some things feel different. Maybe I’m just weird but it’s a possibility right?

This next also one has something to do with theories, but this one isn’t mine. Have any of you guys heard about that conspiracy theory that your birthmarks are the scars of how you dies in your past life? Well, I have a small dark birthmark to the left side of my chest, about a couple of cm higher than my heart…Ummm…what happened to ME in my past life? I also have a pink birthmark in the middle of my palm and a dark one in the centre of my foot. I would really like to know, (if this is even true) what happened to me?! I mean its kinda weird if you ask me. What are some birthmarks that you have? and if you believe in this, how do you think you died in your past life?

This third one is going to be more of a light hearted one so that we can end this on a bit of a lighter note. So recently I haven’t really been able to sleep at night so I end up going to the weird side of youtube. You know when you first start watching a video and then you click on another and then another and then suddenly your recommended is full of random shit like how to build an igloo? Yeah, that’s what’s been happening to me. Last night I was up to about 3am and I now know to assemble my own barbecue! Great!

Anyway, that’s gonna wrap it up for this weeks Midnight Talks. I really enjoyed writing this and I hope you guys enjoyed reading it! I feel like a lot of my weird, random side comes out at night so I really like sharing it with you and I hope you don’t think I’m too weird!

Also, once again if you have anything you’d like me to talk about, please let me know, I’d love to hear your suggestions and I’d love to share more of my opinions on things.

I’ll see you guys soon in my next blog post!

See you at midnight!🌙


The Awkward Expert🌺♥

5 thoughts on “Midnight Talks #2

  1. Bayance says:

    5 MINUTES 😂😂😂😂 I’m dead. Omg I never thought of that. Like you could also pause time and take your time in an exam. Wowww I see you encouraging cheating 😂 We need to get the “fuzz” called 😂😂 Same here! I could sorta picture my future but there’s SO many things that could happen that might lead me to another direction. Who knows? Best of luck on the exams though. I seriously hate exams like it’s too much pressure. Oooh for the theme you could do nature or people. For nature you could maybe sort them by species like trees, flowers ect. For people maybe the same person for a page? You could also do a colour theme. Like take pictures of purple things then white things then pink things…ect Btw I just realized that ect is etc like what the hell 😂 I’m still used to ect because it makes more sense. But anyways, for some reason I’ve been listening to the same song over and over and over again and it never gets boring!! It’s so weird. It’s in Turkish which I don’t understand but it’s all kind of the same rhythm and I could work with it instead of the songs switching up all the time and it sort of distracts me or picks up another mood if that makes sense. That’s so true! But I kind of meant opportunities and things like there was this trip to go to Dubai Opera and watch Le Miz. Then meet one of the actors. It was a really amazing experience!! And same with some birthday parties. I didn’t really feel like going but then I met new people and it was really fun. So I would say, say yes to opportunities you get because life is short and you should try new things and fill your brain with good memories. But as you said, if someone proposed to you or something 😂 and you don’t really feel ready then say ‘no’ because you can’t take it back once you say yes if that makes sense. Woww those conspiracy theories are insane 😂 I get deja vu a lot. Like this one time my aunt made dinner and then 3 years later it was the same positioning, same scenario and I was like wait what 😂 I don’t have any birthmarks so I guess I didn’t die 😂😂😂 A BBQ 😂😂😂😂 Make me some hot dogs while you’re at it. I’m going to add in my own midnight talks section so basically in the past week two weird things happened. So I kind of smelt smoke but it was nothing I was just kind of hallucinating or something but then I was like what would I do if there was a fire in the school? And I went through this scenario where I got my backpack and binder then we went home and the teacher was crying because she lost her job?? 😂 And then the fire alarm went off and I swear my heart jumped out the window but it was only a drill 😂 I don’t know the timing was pretty weird. And then yesterday i was walking with my brother and I told him a realization I was like “it’s really cool how everyone’s so organized like a car could just randomly drive on the sidewalk”- then I was interrupted by this car who turned and drove on the sidewalk for a while and came back to the road. My brother and I were laughing for like ever because that was so weird. Okay maybe none of this is making sense but oh well 😂😂 Omg this is the longest comment ever. Sorryyy 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aboutmyawkwardworld says:

      oh wow thanks so much for the ideas, I actually really like them so I’m gonna try them out and see how it goes!☺️ Ahh I misunderstood the saying yes thing, sorry! I’ll try and do another one soon. Deja vu is so crazy and I am actually convinced that one is true😂. Okay, your one is really weird. I think you might be psychic. I love long comments don’t worry!😂

      Liked by 1 person

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