Weird Dreams #1


I had the weirdest dream! I just woke up and I have to write it down before I forget it. It’s like 11:00pm and I just wanted to have a quick nap before I head out for a skateboard sesh (Yes I know I skateboard late at night. It’s nice and quiet okay? No judging!) but I just woke up suddenly because this dream was just CRAZY! Like so crazy that it could be the plot of the next big movie… and the sequel. Anyway, before I get off topic, lemme just tell you about it.

So it started out in school, but as everyone was walking through the gates, they stopped all of us and metal detected each of us. It got to me and they didn’t find anything, so I was allowed to go through to class. Then the girl behind me whispered and told me to hide her stuff. I asked her what she had and then she opened her bag and had a bag full of fireworks… FIREWORKS! It’s so random!

I stood there slightly shocked but then teacher came up to us and thought that we were both responsible so she took us to the reflection room. Next thing  I know, a police man comes to us and handcuffs us and says we are under arrest for the possession of explosives. I don’t know why but I flipped out and started screaming and shouting. I kept saying that I’m innocent and for them to LET ME GOOO! Of course they didn’t listen and they continues to escort me out. The girl on the other hand was NOT having it and she punched the police officer and he tased her with a taser!

We were then thrown in the back of the police car and I was going off on the girl. How had she just gotten me arrested?! She told me that the only way we could get out without jail time is to go on the run. She said she had a plan to sneak out the back of the truck and then we were going to have to run away. WHAT?!!!

I told her she was crazy but she kept telling me it was the only choice so I gave in and said that we should go for it. She then got a pocket knife from out of her sock with her handcuffed hands. I just sat there shocked. She managed to undo her hands and feet and then came over to me and set me free. She then told me to tell her when the next red light was as she walked over to the truck door to try and unpick the lock. I looked out of the window and say that we were close to a red light. She was on her knees trying to unpick it. It got to the red light and she still wasn’t done. We had only about another ten seconds before the light went green and we were trapped.

I then heard a loud clunk and then felt fresh air. I turned around and the door was wide open. We ran out and then headed to her house. Her parents weren’t home so we ran up to her room and she packed a suitcase and cot her passport. She somehow knew her parents credit card numbers and booked two cheap last minute tickets to Holland. ( Dude, wtf was this dream???). She then got her parents car keys and she drove me to my house where I did the same and got the hell out of there.

She told me a cab was waiting outside, so we got in it and headed to the airport. On the radio was a news report on two teens going missing from police custody. She then told the driver to hurry up and soon we were at the airport.

We got there, checked in, and then we were in the air. I honestly just couldn’t believe it. We were on the run from the police. When we landed, she told me she had family in holland and we could stay with them for a while. We got to there house but when she unlocked the door, the police were right infront of us with guns. I put my hands up but the girl whipped out a gun! The next thing I hear is a gunshot and that’s when I woke up…


What does this mean?! It was so random and I have no clue what could have put this in my head. The whole story is just a massive scramble and i know that half of it probably doesn’t even make sense, but I just had to share it because there is no way I could have kept this ish to myself.

If any of you would like to turn this into a book and become a best selling author, feel free, just remember to give credit!

Anyway, thanks for reading the crazy story. I hope I haven’t given any of you nightmares and I hope that you CANT relate to this (for once).

I guess that’s it for this post. Sorry its so weird, but feel free to email me if you guys wanna talk about anything and everything. I’m always available (I mean, it’s not like I have a life is it?) My email is and I’m always here to give advice in the comments too. I mean, who doesn’t want tips from an awkward bean who won’t even take advice herself right (?)

See you soon!

Hmm, maybe this will become a series..


The Awkward Expert♥

13 thoughts on “Weird Dreams #1

  1. QueenTeen says:

    Haha…that sounds like some CRAZY dream😂 . Don’t worry –you’re not the only one to have weird dreams, that’s a fact😁. Although I have to say, your dream makes a LOT more sense than mine would ever (example: I would be at school with my family which would end up being my house somehow and then random people would be thrown in and we’d do weird things like have a wedding ) so I think its safe to call you sane 😂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bayance says:

    YASSS MAKE THIS A SERIES and okay a couple of comments

    1. I basically died when you said you told them to let you gooo because I read it like “let me guuuuu” and it was so funny I died. Okay I’m so weird wait let me just revive so I can continue.

    2. Maybe you’re about to meet someone really daring in your life and she will help you step out of your comfort zone. This reminds me of the movie nerve lolll.

    3. Idk why but I found this dream so funny lmao it’s actually really cool.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. laixica says:

    I love hearing about people’s dream, I find them so funny, Yours was a great one! You might be running away from your feelings or something in real life, you have to face it.

    Liked by 1 person

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