Work Experience Week

Hey Guys!

So something AMAZING happened to me on Friday. I got WORK EXPERIENCE. Some of you might not get the big whoop about this, so let me give you a little back story.

Originally I wasn’t chosen to get work experience, and I was never told why. I begged and begged the woman in charge to give it to me but she wouldn’t budge. The reason why I was so upset about this is because I worried that I would have nothing to put on my CV which means I won’t get into a good college and might not get the job that I really want (even though I don’t even know what that job is myself).

Anyway, at the end of my Textiles class on Friday, my teacher gave our class a pamphlet saying that there was was opportunity for some of us to be able to do work experience at the College of Fashion in our city. Get this, it was the exact same time that everyone else is going to be doing their work experience so we wouldn’t have to be alone at school, and even though it was extremely last minute, after begging her she allowed me and three of my other classmates to do it!

I couldn’t even describe how happy I was and after I went shopping for a bunch of  “professional clothing” so that I could make a good impression. We had to stay behind after school so that she could call our parents to confirm but that was it. Sorted! we got work experience. Dilara was one of the other girls who got the same placement as me so we arranged to meet up in the mornings, buy our food for lunch and head to the place together. I was a bit scared at first because we aren’t really that close but I’m really excited.

So it starts tomorrow, the typical 9 to 5 and I’m so excited to experience life outside of school, but I’m also scared because I know one day that I will have to work and I don’t think I’m ready for that stress.

So I decided that in honour of me getting Work Experience, I would do something very similar to Hell Week and fill you guys in everyday about how I find it and if my anxiety gets the better of me. For the most part it should be amazing but we’ll see right?

I hope you guys are excited like me and share your work experience stories down below!

Until next time..


The Awkward Expert♥

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