A Roundup of Exam Experiences

Hey Guys!

As a bit of an homage to the end of Hell Week I have decided to gather a few comments and observations made by myself and a few other members of my school about exam week. These comments could be anywhere from the start of Hell Week, all the way up to the end, which is today. Lets get into it!

The Drama Kids –

Over this week I’ve heard multiple of the drama kids express how completely UNBOTHERED  they are about the exam. One interesting conversation I heard that stuck in my mind was:

DRAMA KID 1: Guys I honestly couldn’t care less about these exams

DRAMA KID 2: Exactly, I don’t need any of this, I’m going to be on MTV when I’m older anyway. Who needs school?

This really stuck in my head because it was probably gonna be true. They are REALLY good at acting. Hopefully they are right and they won’t need exams because the way they are going about it, they probably didn’t even open their test papers.

The Jocks –

Even though they do the exact same exams as us, all they seem to care about are the Gym/PE ones. Over the course of this week, all I’ve been hearing is ” Exam this, Exam that. Even though they have this stereotype of being stupid, I would highly disagree. I feel that they are just more passionate about somethings that they are about others. I also heard one say that he’s dropping out of school to find a football coach in Spain but I think that was just a joke… Well I hope it was.

The ‘Cool’ Kids –

These kids will always continue to baffle me. When with other cool kids, they say:

COOL KID: Yeah F*** exams! Who needs them anyway?

But then when the exam time comes:

COOL KID: Omg I’m going to fail. Now I’m never gonna get into a good college!

This annoys me so much because where was all of this college talk before? People only get serious when it’s too late.

The Smart Kids –

Maybe it’s just in my school but here, the smart kids honestly don’t seem to care about their exams either. They think because the are smart that they are automatically going to pass straight away ( which might be true) . I don’t think that’s a healthy mindset because you can’t automatically think the best all the time. It’s good to be prepared. Lemme know how the smart kids act wherever you are.

The Anti Clique AKA; Me –

And then it was just me. I don’t necessarily think that all exams are bad, I just think that it is good to come prepared under any conditions. No matter how easy the exams, you never know what they might throw at you which is why I try my best to do the best I can and never even think about taking the easy way out.

Anyway, thats it for this blog post and I hope you enjoyed the additions of my hell week special. Who knows, we might do this again next exam season (if I have the strength), but until then this is it! I hope you enjoyed reading Hell Week as much as I enjoyed writing it.  see you next time.!


The Awkward Expert♥


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