My Favourite Revision Websites and Apps

Hey Guys,

This is a continuation of my Hell Week: Day THREE blog post and in this post, I am going to let you guys know about my favourite revision website and apps that have really helped me with with all of my studies and may possibly help you. Hopefully you’ll be able to access them and they are all free so money shouldn’t be an issue. Lets get into it!

Revision Websites and Apps

  1. This first one is an app. It is called Gojimo and I use it for English but it has a large variety of different topics and subjects and I think it would be perfect if you have an exam coming up soon or if you just wanna use it to help with homework or revision.
  2. This is a website. It is called Maths Genie. As you can probably tell, it’s for maths and it has lots of different revision material for different grades. It also includes past papers and worksheets along with written answers so that you can check your answers and learn more. I highly recommend it if you have a maths exam coming up.
  3. This next one is actually a Youtube Channel. It is called AsapScience. This is a very popular youtube channel and it is not obviously strictly revision. The reason that this is one of my favourites is because there have been certain times in exams when I don’t know an answer but it will have come up in a video of theirs, and because I am not obviously revising, it stays in my head. Even if it is a 1 marker, it could be the difference between an A and a B.
  4. Another one of my favourites is BBC Bitesize. This is a Website and it literally has every single topic under the sun. I think it is actually amazing and it really helps as it gives you lots of pointers and also gives you practise questions along with answers to help you improve. BBC Bitesize also come as an app.
  5. My fifth and final favourite is a website. It is called Languages Online. As you could probably tell, this is a language revision website. The languages that they have are French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Latin. This website has something for all years. I use it for French but there are lots off other options that are available to you. It really helps you improve on the rules of the written language and also helps you remember different phrases.

    So that’s it for this blog post. I hope you guys try out some of these and let me know if they are as useful for you as they are for me. I’ll see you guys tomorrow with another blog post, but until then.. Peace out!


The Awkward Expert♥

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