I Almost Got Braces!

Hey Guys! I almost got braces today and then broke down and cried. Lets get into this awkward story! The Time I Almost Got Braces So this Morning I emailed Weirdo to let her know that she shouldn't come to pick me up because I would be getting my braces. Then I went back to sleep … Continue reading I Almost Got Braces!


How to Get Over a Bad Day.

Hey Guys! In this blog post, I'm doing something a little different. Instead of telling you all about MY bad days, I'm going to be giving all of you guys some tips on how to overcome any bad thoughts you may have related to it. Not only will it get your mind of it, it … Continue reading How to Get Over a Bad Day.

I Write Sometimes.

Hey Guys! So in case you didn't know, I write ALOT. And I think that I might share some of it with you maybe once a week. Leave a comment down below if you would like that and i'll see you guys in the next blog post! Love, The Awkward Expert♥